About Us

What do we do?

We are a distributor and manufacturer of plastic card industry consumables in both sections of secure and non-secure since 2008. Our product range varies from downstream consumables, such as PVC sheets, and extends into upstream ones, like security labels for fulfillment.

What are our advantages?

  1. Excellent quality
  2. Reasonable pricing
  3. Available stock in North America, EU(The Netherlands), Australia ,UAE which results in better lead time and more efficient inventory management

What do we supply?

  1. PVC CORE and PVC OVERLAY for offset and digital press
  2. Magnetic Stripes
  3. KBA Genius 52 UV press Dr.Balde, End Seal, UV Lamp, Toray plate, etc…
  4. Press Plate and Press Pad, Plate Protector and Cleaner, Towel, Gloves, Peeler
  5. Sheet, wet and dry inlay, Clamshell card, Key Fob, etc…
  6. Security papers
  7. Chip Bonding Tape and drill bit
  8. DOD Ink, DOD Flush, Magnetic reader, Magnetic writer, hoses, wiper, Filter, etc…
  9. Affix Label & Tape and security label